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Land Rover Discovery production to move from the West Midlands to Slovakia


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The productions of Land Rover Discovery SUV's will be moving from the West Midlands to Slovakia.

From Reuters:

LONDON (Reuters) - Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is set to cut more jobs in Britain as it moves all production of its Discovery car to lower-cost Slovakia before building its new Range Rover at an English factory.


Britain’s biggest automaker, Jaguar Land Rover, has previously said its next-generation Discovery will be built at its Slovakia plant and on Monday announced there could be some job cuts in Britain as a result.

“The potential losses of some agency employed staff in the UK is a tough one but forms part of our long-term manufacturing strategy as we transform our business globally,” the company said in a statement.

Moving production from Britain will slash several thousands of pounds off the cost per vehicle, the firm’s Chief Finance Officer Ken Gregor said last year.

The new Range Rover and Range Rover sport will however be built at the firm’s central English Solihull plant on an architecture which is designed to allow for diesel, petrol, electric and hybrid models to be produced.

Monday’s announcement comes after the firm said this year it will cut 1,000 jobs and reduce production at two of its English factories as demand for diesel cars slumps in the face of higher taxes and a regulatory crackdown.

The firm has also blamed Brexit for hitting demand in Europe’s second-largest autos market, where demand fell 6 percent last year, a source told Reuters in April.

Source and further reading - Jaguar to cut more UK jobs as it moves Discovery output to Slovakia - https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-jaguarlandrover-britain/jaguar-to-cut-more-uk-jobs-as-it-moves-discovery-output-to-slovakia-idUKKBN1J71I6