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The Decay (Book I am writting)



The Decay

Decay causes madness, In a way it is like a virus that effects the soul.

The decay has been there since the first act of evil, every evil action increases the strength of the decay but every good act weakens it.

Physical symptoms are black vein, all veins in the body slowly turn black and are clearly visible through the skin, The black veins start around the eyes.

Your infected after prolonged exposure to the decay

The decay can sense large groups of people and try to attack that group.


The bleed through point were it could breach the spiritual barrier (point zero) is in Hiroshima instantly after the nuke hit.

Chernobyl is were the decay had effected the spirits enough to cause the madness, These spirits were actually the cause of the meltdown by killing the team during the safety exercise. It was in fact the spirit of one of these men that wrote the diary before the madness took him.

The Russian government attempt to hide these findings and actually try to develop a weapon using the decay.

<Intelligence> got information about experiments being carried out in Chernobyl and send in a <team> to investigate.

The <team> investigate resulting in all but one member being killed compelling the survivor to spend his life tackling the decay.

Sub Plot

The decay is using the Russians for it own means and the Russians believe they have control over the decay.

The decay infects the scientist working in Chernobyl very slowly over time so it can control these people and use a physical form to carry out there will.

The government response first to blame the murders on a terrorist group but over time they blame it on a virus that is spreading rapidly.

They find a way to starve the decay by using a certain resonance frequency. Stopping the decays interaction with the souls it consumes and starving it but too late for the government to put it into effect, The lab that developed the technology was infiltrated by agent of the decay and when the machine had been activated this agent killed the operators in the lab. The decay was cut off from this agent and so the machine was not destroyed, because the agent was cut off he was going to die. Permanent damage is done when he has been cut off from the host. The machine on low power keeps the decay away.

The machine is running off of back up power generators and so there is only a certain amount of time before the machine completely switches off and allows the decay in to destroy it.

The main charecter has his heart stopped and a outer body experience to increase the amplification to the machine to have enough effect to stop the decay. He had to temporarily kill himself so his spirit can pass the agents of the decay guarding the lab.


Example of narrative

He stood at the start of the dark humid corridor, The decaying walls stretched onwards into the abyss. Every step he took increased his uneasiness and with his uneasiness came foreboding, making each step more difficult to take. The radio screeched to life

“Charlie to ghost-watch are you reading me”

Ghost-watch placed his hand on the walkie-talkie after recovering from the fright.

“This is ghost-watch, sweeping corridor now, no sign of target”

“Roger that keep us updated with 10 minute intervals over”

“10, 4”

Ghost-watch proceeded down the corridor, the dim lights on the wall flickered almost in anticipation of his approach. Ghost watch placed his hand on the walkie-talkie again

“Signs of electrical interference, Moving up to yellow alert”

“Received ghost watch sending alpha and delta to your location”



I am attempting to describe the weapon used in the story, Please read the discription below and tell me if it all sounds ok

The tool he was carrying was more than a weapon. It was a scientific wonder giving him the ability to deal with his prey. A screen had been mounted behind the sites. This displayed a target once certain variables had been calculated. For a target to appear there had to be Electromagnetic fields, enclosed temperature variations, movement and light variations. The chip built into the gun had the ability to decipher these variables removing without any shadow of doubt natural elements only displaying the real deal. If something was on that screen he had a job to do. The weapon itself attacked the enemy with a resonance energy beam emitter. This beam vibrated at the exact frequency as the target breaking the bonds that held it together and scattering the enemy across the environment like an exploding paint tin. This beam was invisible but visible on the screen housed behind the sites. It was named a Sonic Particle Light integrated tactical targeting energy resonator. S.P.L.I.T.T.E.R.
Ghost-Watch placed his back next to the right hand side of the door. He gripped the splitter tightly in his hand. He felt and heard his heart thumping loudly in the silence.


How is this for action

Ghost-Watch placed his back next to the right hand side of the door. He gripped the splitter tightly in his hand. He felt and heard his heart thumping loudly in the silence.
Then his instincts kicked in, without thought he had swung himself perfectly round in a crouched position facing the entrance. His finger had squeezed the trigger the micro second he was in place. The Splitter reacted just as quick kicking into life spraying the room with the deadly bombardment of particles. His enemy had predicted his move and charge from the corner of the room the moment it recognised the tale tell sign of the gun overheating. Ghost-watch was prepared. He rolled backwards while reaching into his side pouch. Before he had completed the roll the cartridge of liquid nitrogen had already been ejected and the new one was in place. The spirit was nearly upon him yet Ghost-Watch kept his nerve. Turning sharply Ghost-Watch pushed off down the corridor facing the splitter towards his enemy’s direction. The splitter chewed up the corridor just as the entity had moved into sight but it knew to cling to the wall. The hatred and evil that was now ploughing its way towards Ghost-Watch was unfathomable. No matter what increments he had adjusted his aim the spirit was one step ahead. Ghost-Watch blood turned cold as the splitter hissed again from overheating. He closed his eyes and braced for the agonising end.

What’s going on?

Ghost-Watch opened his eyes and saw Charlie grinning before him.

“I have never been so happy to see someone so ugly” Ghost –Watch laughed as he shook Charlie’s hand.

“Sorry about the delay, we had to switch to radio silence, an unexpected visitor dropped in on our little party. Speaking of visitors where did yours come from”

Ghost-Watch nodded towards the apartment on the left.

“Ok let’s check it out, you ok to continue?”

Ghost-Watch lifted up his gun and rammed in another cartridge smiling confidently.

“There’s nothing that says I am ready like reloading a weapon” laughed Charlie as he took off in formation towards the door.


With it being a year since you've last updated on the progress of your story, I thought it proper to check in and ask how it fairs. The premise of The Decay has promise, and I would love to see this idea fleshed out in a world effecting manner. There would be trouble in the form of you attempting to define what is good or evil, and why it's there. I say better to define it loosely and not explain the origin, as it's usually better to leave a little more mystery to keep people guessing and discussing. Just not too much, mind you, lest you want people upset with the outcome. ;)